Frozen Halal Meat Exporters

Premium Beef brings to you the best quality Beef Meat products from exporters across India to be successfully delivered at your destination.

About Premuim Beef

We (Premuim Beef) are the market leaders in the Halal beef market. Through our well-connected affiliations, we provide beef consumers around the world with the best-frozen Halal products. From our connections with exporters from different parts of the world and especially India, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, we connect people with the best Halal products. Part of our criteria for association with meat exporters from the above countries is by certifying that their factories are :

    • The exporting entities are per the international procedures for preparing Halal Products and
      slaughtering procedures.
    • We must verify that the entities have modern facilities for storage and transportation of the Halal
      products. All our affiliate factories have the capacity concerning technology.
    • Our affiliate exporters are law-abiding entities. They operate under stipulated laws, and all of them
      are licensed.
    • Our affiliate exporters have skilled human resources in all the production processes.
      In each process of Halal preparation, there are inspections by experienced veterinary doctors.
As a customer-centered entity, (Premuim Beef) we believe in quality. All our Halal boneless products are per global standards of Halal products. In each stage of production, we ensure that our quality Checkers are satisfied with the process and the product. As a global leader in the Halal industry, we have one of the best connections with the best Halal meat exporters. From India to Australia, to Brazil to New Zealand, our affiliate exporters can produce and pack high-quality products. We, Premuim Beef have one of the most competitive Halal meat prices around the world. With a combination of quality products and favorable rates, we are unmatched.

Why Us?

How are products packed?

Before any product is packed, it must have the following specifications. First, the meat product must be thoroughly checked by a by government veterinary doctor. Second, the product must also comply with the stipulated Islamic guidelines on Halal products. Third, the products must be under the international cuts. After certification, all packing of products is in uncompromised hygienic conditions. All products are frozen during preparation and transit.
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