Halal Frozen Beef Meat Knee Tendon


The packaging of all the Beef cuts is carried out by qualified packers under expert supervision. All the animals across the partner plants are primarily examined by a qualified microbiologist and henceforth these animals are inspected by our government veterinary doctors so that the cuts produced and packed are as per international standards. The animals which do not meet the desired standards are rejected and the approved animals are slaughtered according to the Halal Islamic rites. After slaughtering the animals, the cuts are made according to the standards of the industry. The packaging of the products is then carried in the most hygienic conditions as per the customer requirement. All the cuts are kept in freezing units before packing.


Weight / Container : 28 Metric tons
Style : Frozen
Packing : IWP ( Individually Wrapped Pack)
Weight / Piece : 20/25 Kilograms
Boxes Used : White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Halal Frozen Beef Meat Knee Tendon

HALAL FROZEN BEEF MEAT KNEE TENDON is a common ingredient to some of the best traditional
delicacies in the Chinese and Vietnamese cultures. It is still one of the most consumed beef cuts in thesecultures because it is not only nutritious but also tasty.


Additionally, the HALAL FROZEN BEEF MEAT KNEE TENDON cut is low in fat. It means therefore that the
low levels of fats and lack of saturated fats makes it ideal for many people. This beef cut is also an
important natural source of iron. Iron in the body helps the blood in sustaining hemoglobin. However,
the most iconic nutrient component of this cut is the presence of high levels of Collagen. The beef cut isalso rich in taste, and the taste is similar to one of fried pork.


Over the years, different cultures have prepared this beef cut differently. However, it is always advisable
to cook or boil it for a relatively extended period to make it softer. When soft, HALAL FROZEN BEEFMEAT KNEE TENDON is ideal in a different type of dishes and making soups too.


As Premuim Beef, we ensure that beef lovers around the world enjoy the best. We have partnerships
with one of the best slaughterhouses in (Brazil, India, Australia, and New Zealand). These
slaughterhouses have the best storage facilities, and they operate within their respective countries laws.Hygiene standards are also unmatched in these facilities.


Furthermore, our affiliate slaughterhouses have an opening for self-branding, and this option is open for
our clients. Second, while in transit, our HALAL FROZEN BEEF SPLEEN MEAT is on frozen. With standard
orders of 28 metric tons, individually wrapped packs are an option.

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