Halal Frozen Beef Tenderloin Meat


The packaging of all the Beef cuts is carried out by qualified packers under expert supervision. All the animals across the partner plants are primarily examined by a qualified microbiologist and henceforth these animals are inspected by our government veterinary doctors so that the cuts produced and packed are as per international standards. The animals which do not meet the desired standards are rejected and the approved animals are slaughtered according to the Halal Islamic rites. After slaughtering the animals, the cuts are made according to the standards of the industry. The packaging of the products is then carried in the most hygienic conditions as per the customer requirement. All the cuts are kept in freezing units before packing.


Weight / Container : 28 Metric tons
Style : Frozen
Packing : IWP ( Individually Wrapped Pack)
Weight / Piece : 20/25 Kilograms
Boxes Used : White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Halal Frozen Beef Tenderloin Meat

HALAL FROZEN BEEF TENDERLOIN MEAT is synonymous with tasty burger and steak. Apart from being in
most dishes, that requires tender meat, HALAL FROZEN BEEF TENDERLOIN MEAT has unmatched taste

and the nutrition value. Some of the specific nutrition components include the following.

The beef cuttings are rich in calcium. Calcium is synonymous with healthy bones. Therefore, this cutting
is ideal for children and the older generation. As a source of protein, HALAL FROZEN BEEF TENDERLOIN
MEAT is perfect for muscle growth and hormones making. The meat cutting is also rich in vitamin b12,
which is an essential component in blood cells formation. Finally, the presence of sodium in this beef

cutting is vital in the overall fluids balance in the body.

As a respected brand in the meat industry, we do our best in ensuring that our clients get the best
HALAL FROZEN BEEF TENDERLOIN MEAT from respectable slaughterhouses in New Zealand, Brazil, India,
and Australia. In all the slaughterhouses in these countries, there is strict observance to the existing

laws. All the slaughterhouses have the best storage systems and are compliant with our hygiene code.

All our HALAL FROZEN BEEF TENDERLOIN MEAT (are) therefore fresh and are transported while frozen.
We give our clients the option of having customized packing, and we individually pack all our products

for administrative purposes. We are also compliance with the set international cuts custom.

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