Halal Frozen Beef Tongue Boti Meat


The packaging of all the Beef cuts is carried out by qualified packers under expert supervision. All the animals across the partner plants are primarily examined by a qualified microbiologist and henceforth these animals are inspected by our government veterinary doctors so that the cuts produced and packed are as per international standards. The animals which do not meet the desired standards are rejected and the approved animals are slaughtered according to the Halal Islamic rites. After slaughtering the animals, the cuts are made according to the standards of the industry. The packaging of the products is then carried in the most hygienic conditions as per the customer requirement. All the cuts are kept in freezing units before packing.


Weight / Container : 28 Metric tons
Style : Frozen
Packing : IWP ( Individually Wrapped Pack)
Weight / Piece : 20/25 Kilograms
Boxes Used : White carton / Company Brand / Self Branding

Halal Frozen Beef Tongue Boti Meat

HALAL FROZEN BEEF TONGUE BOTI Meat is without a doubt one of the tastiest and the smallest of all
internal beef meat. The use of this delicious part has been a favorite ingredient in most Asian
communities for many years. The meat cut is now for soups and in the making of appetizers.

As one of the best facilitators of the beef market, we are determined to ensure that customers get the
best, fresh and high-quality Halal Frozen Beef Tongue Boti Meat. It is, therefore, our duty of providing
that each of our affiliates is consistent with the international standards of beef transit and the
slaughterhouses are hygienic.

HALAL FROZEN BEEF TONGUE BOTI MEAT nutritious value is unmatched. First, the offal is an important
natural source of iron. Iron in the body helps the blood in sustaining hemoglobin. Second, the offal is
also a good source for both Vitamin 6 and 12. Vitamin b12 is one of the fundamental nutrients that help
the body to improve the nervous system. On the other hand, Vitamin b6 helps the body in the overall
metabolism and body growth.

Other specific products details of HALAL FROZEN BEEF TONGUE BOTI MEAT include the following. First,
our affiliate slaughterhouses have an opening for self-branding, and this option is open for our clients.
Second, all our HALAL FROZEN BEEF TONGUE BOTI MEAT (frozen) while on transit that this helps in
ensuring that it is fresh. With standard orders of 28 metric tons, individually wrapped packs are an

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